Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

We had a beautiful Thanksgiving spent with family in Tumwater, Washington. We packed up a little of our homegrown food and headed North to be with our parents. It was a beautiful visit and a time of togetherness that we treasure.

We had a care package waiting for us in our room, complete with a five pointed star and a delicious cookbook from another Family Farm in Missouri!

It felt so good to be with Mom.

We relaxed into one another and visited and shared and remembered.

The evening before Thanksgiving we shared a wonderful lasagne made by Mom! There is nothing better than Mom's cooking!

Mom and Bob and Kari ready to eat salad, French bread and lasagne.

The following morning began with the prep for stuffing and getting our 21 pound turkey into the oven by 10:00 am.  We had some nibbling prep ready with Nana's now Mom's scrumptious onion dip, a little Irish cheer, and celery, pumpkin bread and walnuts from the farm.

We combined two different stuffing traditions this year and used cornbread stuffing with the addition of sausage. There was plenty of sausage left over from the stuffing to add to mushrooms for stuffed mushrooms.

My beautiful mom!! She is a wonder of hope, love, humor, wisdom, creativity, ingenuity, resourcefulness, artistry, color and more love!  There is never enough time to spend with Mom, a true inspiration and one of the most influential people in my life. xo

Back to stuffing the turkey. Mom was good to keep an eye on the clock and keep the target time of 10. After the turkey was stuffed, we sealed up the oven bag and Old Tom Turkey was ready for the oven.

Our great turkey farmer, Tim had the honors of getting the big bird into the oven.

Then there was time to visit some more, continue preparing for the feast and keep up with the dishes. Mom oversaw it all and she kept us all on task without anyone one of us knowing how she did it!

Bob is very adept in the kitchen. He has even been known to be called El Jefe de la cocina! What an amazing man, besides his culinary talents, he is a remarkable story teller and story writing and has a great sense of humor, loyalty to his family and to his country. He is a true American hero.

Our loving parents working the kitchen!

Sweet granddaughter Kaylee, came by on her way to the rest of the family for a big hug from Gramps and Jojo! Her baby due in just a few short weeks.

The turkey is out of the oven and we are ready to carve up the bird and celebrate a day, a week, a year of gratitude.

Bob in his gentle, low key way and his dry sense of humor always makes us laugh!

Our feast on the table and ready for a blessing of thanks.

~ Mom and Bob ~

My Nephew Dave survived Seattle/Tacoma/Olympia traffic and arrived at the perfect time to share and enjoy the Thanksgiving Feast.

Jojo and David with a sweet moment in the computer room.

The day after Thanksgiving provides more opportunity to share stories and a meal together.

Such sweet memories were gathered this Thanksgiving and in the words of Mom...

...A time for our souls to mingle together.
All of our love and gratitude ~

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